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Divrei Torah—Torah Commentaries

On occasion, we'll post a particularly interesting or creative dvar Torah.

Past President Aaron Schuman's discussion of the Omer

Past President Aaron Schuman's dvar for Chukat

Past President Aaron Schuman's comments on Shirat haYam, the Song of the Sea, from beShalach

Aaron provides the following introduction:

In the Torah narrative of the Passover story, after our foremothers and forefathers left Egypt, they miraculously crossed the Sea of Reeds on foot. Pharaoh's cavalry pursued, but they were drowned in their attempt. On the far shore, the prophet Miriam led the Hebrew people in a song of deliverance. This song is recorded in the Torah as Shirat HaYam, the Song of the Sea. It is traditionally recited in the synagogue on Shabbat Shirah, the Sabbath of Song. At this year's Shabbat Shirah (1/19/08), Keddem service leader Elaine Moise taught the congregation some new, unique and beautiful melodies. Keddem member Aaron Schuman presented as a dvar Torah (a word of Torah) this original interpretation of the Song of the Sea.

Past President Elaine Moise's dvar for Shabbat Zachor 5765

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