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10:15am, at a member's home*


Welcome back to Torah Study Keddem style — It seems fitting that we start with the Shabbat portion Lech Lecha — go forth — to a place I will show you. The first of the Abraham portions begins with God telling Abram to leave his home and family for an unknown destination on Faith. While our discussion will be less uprooting than Abram’s, we will be at a new study destination and have faith that we will begin a new tradition of monthly study, with refreshment of course.

This portion is quite rich in the issues raised by the story lines: Abram was called by God. What does it mean to be called by God? Being forced by the famine to travel to Egypt — the first of the cycles of exile and return is established. Abram laughs at God when God suggests that he and Sarah in their old age, after years of being childless, will become parents. Have you ever laughed at God? Or with God?

What is Keddem style? Many opportunities for Torah study are available, what makes ours different?

  1. We have no one leader — rather than the usual hub and spoke (leader and audience) ours is a spider web — actively involving all our participants.
  2. We have no one authority — we bring our perspectives and experiences from many traditions.
  3. We have no axes to grind — we welcome all opinions (with respect to all of course).
  4. We may go off on unexpected tangents.

What we have in common is textual references (from written and oral traditions) and a Jewish Reconstructionist tradition of questioning and learning together with our community.

*Please contact the Torah study coordinators for information.

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