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Keddem Torah Study

Monthly, third Saturday of the month in 2018 (check the Keddem online calendar for dates). 10:15-11:45am, at a member's home* in Saratoga or Palo Alto. Hosts supply books, coffee, and tea. Participants are welcome to bring a snack to share.

What is Keddem style? Many opportunities for Torah study are available, what makes ours different?

  1. We have no one leader — rather than the usual hub and spoke (leader and audience) ours is a spider web — actively involving all our participants.
  2. We have no one authority — we bring our perspectives and experiences from many traditions.
  3. We have no axes to grind — we welcome all opinions (with respect to all of course).
  4. We may go off on unexpected tangents.

What we have in common is textual references (from written and oral traditions) and a Jewish Reconstructionist tradition of questioning and learning together with our community.

*Please contact the Torah study coordinators at least a day in advance for information.

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