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Keddem Congregation Educational Activities

Education—learning—is a life-long activity. It doesn't start with formal classes, nor should it end with formal classes.
Still, formal education is an important part of anyone's learning experience.

Adult Education

Adult Education Committee

The mission of the Adult Education Committee is to plan and produce life-long learning activities for adults. These activities include Torah study, classes, and lectures. The committee does not convene on a regular basis; all work is currently done via email. If you'd like to assist with Keddem's Adult Education program in any way, or you have ideas for a program you'd like to see, please send email to

Adult Classes

See the Adult Education class list for a complete list of Keddem's current Adult Ed class offerings. Most adult education classes are held at Kehillah Jewish High School on weekday evenings.

Torah Study

We read and discuss the week's Torah portion on the fourth Saturday of each month, at 10 AM, at Kehillah Jewish High School. Bagels and coffee are provided, and we allow about twenty minutes for eating, drinking, and schmoozing before starting our discussions at 10:20. We have plenty of copies of the Torah text (in English!) available, but you are free to bring any English translation of the Torah or Bible you enjoy reading.

You can always check the calendar for the current and upcoming months to verify what will be studied. Occasionally we study something other than the weekly Torah portion; for instance, for October 2, 2004, the Shabbat during Sukkot 5765, we chose Kohelet (Ecclesiastes) which is traditionally read in synagogues on that Shabbat. 

If you're bringing food for a Torah study session, a list of directions is available on-line.

Monthly Lecture Series: Bagels, Lox, and Learning

Our guest lecture series, Bagels, Lox, and Learning (BLL), meets on the second Sunday of every month in the Multipurpose Room of Kehillah Jewish High School in Palo Alto. Here's a schedule of topics and speakers for this year.

Coffee, bagels, & juice at are provided at 10 AM; the program starts promptly at 10:30.

Children's Education

As of this time, Keddem Congregation does not support a formal Hebrew school. If enough families are interested in the future this will change. We do hold both Children's Services and Junior Congregation on a regular basis, and encourage your children (and you!) to attend.

We are delighted to help our members make individual arrangements for a variety of educational experiences tailored to the needs of their children. Such arrangements vary from a Jewish day school experience (private school with integrated English and Hebrew instruction) to private tutoring and after-school classes with other Jewish organizations on the Peninsula. If you are looking for a Sunday morning program for your child (grades K-8) we are pleased to refer you to PASJE, the Palo Alto School for Jewish Education, as an excellent option. Keddem Congregation is also pleased to be an associate council member of Peninsula Havurah High, a Jewish after-school program for high school students (classes are held on Wednesday evenings.)

We continue to encourage preparation for and celebration of Bar/Bat Mitzvah for children at Keddem Congregation. We have had many children from the local day schools and from PASJE become bar/bat mitzvah with us.

Please see our Children's Programs page, or contact the Chair of our Children's Programs Committee at for information about Keddem's programs for children.

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